Friday, March 13, 2009

where are these pop artists coming from?!

so I've come to the conclusion that i really like Lady Gaga (and Katy perry out of the new artists)lol. BUT first LADY GAGA: I've been hearing her music SO MUCH on the radio here so obviously I'm late on knowing about her. i mean EVERYONE is playing her stuff on the pop stations. so i was like "let me see who the heck this lady is" cause her stuff reminds me of the techno music i used to listen to when i was in middle school. Its like Jazz dance style music, wild lights, wild make up, and yeah go figure that's how her videos are.
so hmm a 22- year old, Italian new yorker ayy?? so there's most def. some dark hair under those super white blonde wigs she wears, but its still cute lol. Shes got a hot style, a cool sounding voice, wears a lot of gaudy stuff (right up my alley) and she dances!
DUDE her sexiness reminds me of Madonna, I saw her video for the first time today. Lets just say; I didn't expect her to be like this watch this

and now to Katy Perry :]

I like this girl!!! It's been sooo long since I've liked newer pop artists!! Katy Perry has certainly won me over, I've got to listen to some more Lady Gaga.. but I believe she has too lol.
Katy Perry has this cool singing voice.. I love it, not only that but her songs are so catchy "i kissed a girl" (which got played the heck out so fast but its catchy) and also, "you're so gay"... lol dude, i believe theres some hidden messages here :raised eyebrow: lmao.

Her style is like 50s/60s naturally excluding her 90s flare in her video "hot cold", but I just LOVE what shes doing though! did i mention how i like her light eyes, and dark hair combo? cool :]

lastly, the shooting stars???

now honestly.... when i look at this picture.. it doesn't make me wanna audition, they look so corny hahaha, and those OUTFITS : / lol@ the token black guy..he doesn't even belong lol

but anyway, i just MIGHT audition for this team called the SHOOTING STARS they're cheerleaders/dancers for the new Atlanta woman's basketball team "DREAM"
a friend of mine wants me to audition with her so she wont be alone... we shall see, its quite far... who knows. maybe not!

Anyway, i sent off my model release form to that photographer so that my photo MAY appear in some magazines around town :]

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