Friday, March 20, 2009

what a fun day

So I was out with the ladies again! Me, keshia, and terry.. we planned on partyin it up this whole weekend!! so thats what we are doing...

First off.. we went to this sushi spot in little 5 points, I havent had sushi since like the first week of this year so I was toooo happy.

as you can see as I was walking out of the sushi place just smiling lol (i cant see in the sun without my shades, so im squinting badly lol)

NEXT STOP we were headed to the park, we had to walk a few blocks to get there. On the way, I little gray cat (looked like a rare breed with a short tail) ran up to me meowing awww. the animals love me... look at him posing lol
So I believe that Cutie-Patutie misses me, and he is sending his homies to come and check up on me, and make sure I'm okay lol. For those of you that dont know, Cutie-Patutie is my cat.. he's a year old this month, but he lives in Savannah, Georgia with my sister and my mother. I miss him soooo much esp. when I see his homies lol. So I told my sister to email me a picture of him, he's gotten so big! LOOK AT MY BABY..sleeping lol
Now on the way from the park... guess what I had?
2 scoops mint chocolate chip.. and that was the last of it on the spoon lol.
we are so burnt out after all of this... mind you I wasnt supposed to exercise today because my knee was aching lastnight. We walked up and down so many hills (so many blocks!) and was playing catch at the park with a football. So nowwww we are about to go to the club tonight, I'm gonna wear highheels!! (after ive been complaining about my knee) i know i know lol
more stuff later or tomorrow :]
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