Tuesday, March 31, 2009


yeah so I was just about to head to the gym with 2 of my dance buddies. Jessica needed us to learn her choreography so that she could record it, and send it to this jazz competition team to learn. That was tiring.. Lol we learned the full dance yesterday, but it surely didn't stick cause I didn't do anything full out. But with a 10min REVIEW in the dance room..I had it enough to make it, or as dancers say "FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT" lol! Sooo jessica got me a week free pass to the gym... YAYYYYY we are going tomorrow, there's everything there!! A Pool and a sauna and a basketball court and a track and lots of other things! Everyone knows I love the water, but I don't know.. I kinda worry about gym pools and stuff : / heck all I can picture are GERMS GERMS GERMS. So I'm not sure if I will get in. Not only that, but I only like pools that are 6ft+ cause I'm a swimmer, I don't wanna feel the bottom of the pool, I'd rather swim to it haha. I wouldn't be caught dead walking on the !
floor aro
und the pool or showers barefooted. maybe we should go as early as possible lol
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