Sunday, March 15, 2009

stalker identified as: Rich not rick

so wtf this man sent me a text message this freakin morning.. just now and i text back "who is this?" he says "Rich" what the heck!?
now this is really getting out of hand.. i hope im not going to have to change my number, ive had it for way too long.
he texted from a 910 areacode.. i havent looked it up yet to see what place that is.
hm.. i dont even know what to say about this bs anymore but it makes me angry, i have no idea as to how he even got my number.
now i have to do some research on to make sure he never sent me a message on there.

Anyway SUBJECT CHANGE -- I had to skip my morning run due to the rain taking over!! So comes tomorrow morning, I've got to really get my run in good :]

UPDATE 10:00pm
I saw a dance movie tonight called Center Stage turn it up, that's the II version of Center Stage which is one of my favorite dance movies. You know usually dance movies are so cheesy, they have the same bs story line;

kid has amazing talent
kid is broke
kid's family is broke too
kid's parent doesn't believe in dance careers
kid is from a troubled neighborhood/background

Hahaha am I right or wrong!? They always have GRAND Dancing in the movies though so I always wanna see them lol.
But this movie actually wasn't cheesy like that!! It SO should've been in theaters, it went against the norm. But while watching.. I got motivated to work out even harder  
Thanks to the maincharacter Rachele Smith (who is so gorgeous might I add)  

this girl's body is something serious and mine will be too lol watch the trailer for the movie.. they show her cut abs lol and her hot dance moves yes yes yes!
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