Monday, March 16, 2009

rainy days

I'm sick of the gloom! Not only that but its super cold. I thought I wasn't gonna be able to run AGAIN this morning, cause when my alarm went off at 6am.. It was raining. but then I laid in bed for an extra hour and it stopped raining. So I went outside for my run while I could, and once I came back inside it started pouring (AHH too much rain)

--before that, I woke up this morning to a text message on my phone from THE STALKER.. He texted at 2am!!! "WAKE UP lol" hm.. I think he has a death wish. I told him to stop bothering thats my first warning to him, lets see if he listens.

Oh no I have access to cable tv again lol there's so many cool shows that get abnormally ADDICTIVE I'm glad I don't NEED cable.. But its nice to watch while its here lol

uh oh RED HEAD (beginning of 2007) will be back before you know it, i hope it'll be this bright again when my mother dyed it for me lol.

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