Wednesday, March 18, 2009

natural hair is booming

And thanks to my tresses I've been featured in someones blog! i'm so happy about that! Thank you so much Leila :]
check it out

I'm gonna audition for something on Sunday.. lol I'm not telling what it is thoughhh :]

oh, and something else thats been eating me up..
 I cant get this crap off of my brain, and I hate that I'm thinking about it so much cause I refuse to get my hopes up about it lol

but I have 3 dance buddies that have just recently caught flights to go travel with the UNIVERSOUL CIRCUS!! (YOUTUBE IT!)
how cool is that?!

but see, I talked to one of them that just left last night (and he will be gone for 8 months!) to see how the heck can I jump on the bandwagon. 
I asked him where did they audition, or did he just get in good with someone that's apart of it?He told me that he knows someone that's in it.. so do you know what that means!? 
maaan oh man! I've wanted to do something that like for YEARS, may sound crazy.. but I love the circus lol
He told me that he will be on look out for me to see if they need anyone else. so um yeah I wish that would happen, but I'm not getting my hopes up. 
just figured I'd share that information lol

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