Sunday, March 15, 2009


So I'm laying in bed, and was thinking about how I haven't checked my voicemail messages in like a month, nor have I changed what it says when people call, so I was gonna update it tonight...
I wasn't gonna listen to any of the messages cause I just knew it was my mother and other close friends screaming "call me back!!!" "goodmorning sunshinnnne!!!" (lol christine) etc. 
..Basically useless messages...

But then I heard an older guy... named RICK (who the heck is that? Got me!)
so far this dude has left me 2 longggg messages on my phone.. Not just long messages, but reading poems to me!

Wtf???? Ok that's creepy...

talkin about how he wants to fall in love with me and make me his wife!! he said that when he first met me he thought I was so beautiful.. and blah blah blah

So here I am really freakin thinking like "ummm he has met me before???" everyone that knows me..knows that I'm HORRIBLE with names, I won't remember your name unless its something catchy right off back.
*oh yeah and I failed to mention that someone has been calling my phone trying to talk to me..saying I met them at various locations (it always chances) and they say I gave them my number.. Which is a lie because I don't give my number to random guys that are trying to come onto me.*

BUT ALSO Someone recently wrote me a poem on flickr just the other day (as I said in a blog a few days ago) I didn't see the name rick involved...

but isn't that weird??

Its not everyday that some random person writes you freakin poems... but the one on flickr was short, and it didn't say anything weird really. he just called me "Savannah Goddess". so someone has been paying me attention obviously.

So with all of this being said, if these 2 people are linked together (as far as the poems), everyone knows what I use my flickr account modeling photos... so guess who the stalker COULD be?
A freakin photographer.
Yet I work with way too many to even narrow it down
But that's my assumption about this.
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