Thursday, March 26, 2009

I need to do something to my hair. Like forreal. I try to not chop it off since I love my afro so much though. What if I shaved a side off? Like just a small patch?..a few inches wide? But my afro would be uneven as it grew back! Lol. My red hair was so fun. I need to make it to nate's place so that he can dye it for me... or make it to savannah so that my mother can do it. I thought about dying a patch of my hair light blonde.. Just because : /
I kind of miss having my natural color..which is super dark brown, almost black looking. Of course that's the healthiest way to go for my hair.. no dye.. That's way easier said then done though lol

Hmmm what to do next?

notice my hair has been looking wild lately.. That's me getting bored with the normal look lol.
Ohhh yeah Its about to start getting hot outside! That's an excuse to shave some off lol..
We shall see
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