Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hangin with the ladies

yeah i thought i was cool ..super fresh lol.. not really this is me on a daily basis :]

is that icecream in my hand?? yup lol i was too happy to have it
strawberry cheesecake and moose tracks.. it doesnt match but its yummy. we were at an outlet in NO MAN's LAND: Dawsonville , Georgia hahaha yes we actually TRAVELED to an outlet!

back in atlanta, at the mall.
yet another serving of icecream...
dairyqueen snickers blizzard...
shame ok ok i know i have to run in the morning
and cut back on my servings lol
----lmao @ us talking about people at the mall that was so out of control
me gettin followed by some girl from store to store lol
it was out of control


me, keshia, and terry just hangin.. its what we do best :]
we just hung out all day long, outlet, went to the mall and stuff.. oh yeeeah
--- oh yeah terry and keshia almost attacked a guy at the mall for touching my afro
he was like "is it real???" i said "yes" hes like "can touch it?" i said "yeah sure"
and thats when terry and keshia became bodyguards lmao so funny.. the man said
"yall dont have to act like that!" lmao
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