Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Now here's some photosAll taken from this past weekend... let your eyes shy over the sweat mark lmaoHere's

Today I actually just lounged around!!!! Back to my work out plan in the AM!I got offered a dance gig today!! A TAP gig!!! Lol tap is a very....scary/challenging dance style for me.. I love it to death, and the secret is: I really haven't tapped since I was like 16!!!-- but somehow I pull it off lol. I used to be on a competition team for jazz and tap dance when I was 15 and 16. I was the only black girl, and the youngest.. It was a class ranging from 18-28. So yeah they put my butt to the test and it was hard work lol. I had to tap for The African American Dance Review last turned out good actually. Gotta do a little model figure photoshoot this weekend.. Yeah, back to the hustle lol
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