Saturday, March 7, 2009

dance auditions

i swear thats what i have to do.
 ive laughed at myself so many times today.
i didnt make a complete fool out of myself
but when i did mess up...whew if all else fails just SMILE :]
it works lol.

i had a day full of dancing.
dance practice this morning at 10am, and 2 auditions this afternoon.
things didnt turn out how i wanted them to but heeey all things happen for a reason!
just glad i was noticed, judges love my energy and of course people loved my hair lol.

i need to get my butt into more a performer you can never have too much practice.
i saw a guy today in the audition that was GRAND he reminded me of one of my favorite guys!
Tucker Barkley.. who is 18, has danced with janet jackson, brittney spears etc... he is untouchable and also an LA dancer 

but yeah
someone sign me lol
too impatient
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