Tuesday, March 31, 2009


yeah so I was just about to head to the gym with 2 of my dance buddies. Jessica needed us to learn her choreography so that she could record it, and send it to this jazz competition team to learn. That was tiring.. Lol we learned the full dance yesterday, but it surely didn't stick cause I didn't do anything full out. But with a 10min REVIEW in the dance room..I had it enough to make it, or as dancers say "FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT" lol! Sooo jessica got me a week free pass to the gym... YAYYYYY we are going tomorrow, there's everything there!! A Pool and a sauna and a basketball court and a track and lots of other things! Everyone knows I love the water, but I don't know.. I kinda worry about gym pools and stuff : / heck all I can picture are GERMS GERMS GERMS. So I'm not sure if I will get in. Not only that, but I only like pools that are 6ft+ cause I'm a swimmer, I don't wanna feel the bottom of the pool, I'd rather swim to it haha. I wouldn't be caught dead walking on the !
floor aro
und the pool or showers barefooted. maybe we should go as early as possible lol

Sunday, March 29, 2009

informing you of greatness

i hate going to wal-mart
so i have to entertain myself!
this was from last weekend..$2.50 for a big ball like that?! Im just noticing the price in the background lol.. heck i shouldve gotten one to bounce on when im bored lol

BUT I got quite excited when I noticed one of my favorite singing artists, actually came out with a video for this song of hers that i absolutely ADORE. Let me introduce her :drum rrrroooll:

Bjork is an Icelandic (40 something year old) singer thats been out since who knows when, I wanna say the 80s I cant remember. She started off with a band, but now its just her..
She has such a strong accent! I took me years to understand WTF she was saying, because it doesn't sound like English most of the time.. I used to always have to read the lyrics lol. I've been a big fan of hers since I was like 11, her songs just take me to another level.. on top of that, she always has these AMAZING beats with live bands (I was a huge band geek, so I love the instruments lol).
Her music is just super different.. I have friends that love it, yet some HATE it.. so its either or with her stuff lol. Her videos tend to be very ABNORMAL also.. like just straight up WEIRD.. they'll have you looking at the screen like
WTF am I watching?

"The reason I do photographs is to help people understand my music, so it's
very important that I am the same, emotionally, in the photographs as in the
music. Most people's eyes are much better developed than their ears. If they
see a certain emotion in the photograph, then they'll understand the music." -Bjork

This song is very interesting to me, theres something deep beyond it she got this song from an icelandic film called STALKER, the lyrics she keeps repeating were from a poem out of that movie. I wonder what that movie was like! But this guys voice is amazing in this song.. I wanna dance to this :]

I read the youtube comments for one of her videos, and someone said
"Can someone tell me what drug shes on?" LMAO this is the video right here.. also another one of my favorites songs from her.

I wish I could see you alls facial expressions towards that video lol

Saturday, March 28, 2009

She's obviously taking over

The world.. Or is it just my ipod, tv, and radio? Actually, this is my second post about Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Germanotta), and I know its not the last. I remember I was saying how I needed to hear more of her music.. to really see if she's as big.. as she seems to be. Ok she has OFFICIALLY won me over lol.Dude! So I just read some interesting facts: -her family is abnormally wealthy -she has written lots of songs for Britney Spears and the Pussy Cat Dolls-she is naturally a brunette (which I assumed) -she used to be a stripper -and on heavy drugs! I shouldn't be surprised about the stripper part, cause she most definitely knows how to move her body (lines, angles, which ways to pose to make your body look good etc.)I'm also realizing that she's quite a confident lady according to these interviews I've been reading.. almost seems conceited in a way, but I still like her lolI love it when she raps in her songs lol... its so simple and cute. But what was mouth-dropping, is!
when I w
as just looking for videos to watch ON DEMAND and I saw LADY GAGA "LOVE GAME" so I watched the video andDude... there's some interesting parts on that video where she's like nude lolI'm really glad that she's new, young, and NOT trying to do that whole "I'M SO INNOCENT" disney channel BS.. I will be keeping my eye on her :] She's really just a true performer, and I love it.


So decisions are starting to pile up, but I don't know which way to go or sometimes how to even start going about them! From the smallest, to the biggest things... they stir me up mentally. A lot of things tend to be a chain reaction, and A LOT always has to do with TIME/TIMING. Geez can I stop the clock? Lol..I need certain walls to move here and there so that I can take action. I'm sure everyone feels this way at some point..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I need to do something to my hair. Like forreal. I try to not chop it off since I love my afro so much though. What if I shaved a side off? Like just a small patch?..a few inches wide? But my afro would be uneven as it grew back! Lol. My red hair was so fun. I need to make it to nate's place so that he can dye it for me... or make it to savannah so that my mother can do it. I thought about dying a patch of my hair light blonde.. Just because : /
I kind of miss having my natural color..which is super dark brown, almost black looking. Of course that's the healthiest way to go for my hair.. no dye.. That's way easier said then done though lol

Hmmm what to do next?

notice my hair has been looking wild lately.. That's me getting bored with the normal look lol.
Ohhh yeah Its about to start getting hot outside! That's an excuse to shave some off lol..
We shall see

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wild head

I went running in the rain this morning, how refreshing!! My hair looked sooo wild today lol I'm glad I came across my other CROWN (hat) that my sister made for me...the colors are so pretty! Gotta wear it sometime soon..Buuuut me and my buddies (terry and keshia) went out to eat, and to the movies today! They both had their little dates except for me lol... I was fine though :] terry payed me attention still lol and besides, I'm used to being alone.. So I was busy taking pictures of myself lol while terry jumped in lots of them.We went to see that scary movie called last house on the left...dude don't go see that movie if you don't have a high tolerance for wild stuff in movies. I have a high tolerance for these things, and I'm STILL in shock about the sexual rape scene that's in it. It was so RAW!!! Such raw material, to the point it disgusted me... it was DISTURBING TO WATCH. It was so Real!! High five to the girl playing the victim in that part.


Now here's some photosAll taken from this past weekend... let your eyes shy over the sweat mark lmaoHere's

Today I actually just lounged around!!!! Back to my work out plan in the AM!I got offered a dance gig today!! A TAP gig!!! Lol tap is a very....scary/challenging dance style for me.. I love it to death, and the secret is: I really haven't tapped since I was like 16!!!-- but somehow I pull it off lol. I used to be on a competition team for jazz and tap dance when I was 15 and 16. I was the only black girl, and the youngest.. It was a class ranging from 18-28. So yeah they put my butt to the test and it was hard work lol. I had to tap for The African American Dance Review last month...it turned out good actually. Gotta do a little model figure photoshoot this weekend.. Yeah, back to the hustle lol

Monday, March 23, 2009

audition type (unknown)

Yeah so this is me right before heading to the 3rd part of the audition (disclosed) lol

What an experience! I was so quiet after the one-on-one audition/interview. It made me realize a lot of stuff, but I'm okay now :]. I was told that I did a very good job... so now I just have to hang tight, if they want me.. They'll call in the next few weeks.. If they don't want me, they won't call.
:fingers crossed:
me losing tract of time and of days most def. help the time fly haha

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yeah so remember I said I was going to audition for something on Sunday? Yeah well this is me leaving that audition :] I made it through the first, and now 2nd cuts! I have to meet up with them at 10am for another cut.its a secret to most people what I'm auditioning for but I will tell when the process is over. But talk about SLEEPY. This weekend has been crazy!!! I only had 5 hours of sleep. We partied and had a ball.. Went out to the clubs, danced, went to the park out in the sun, played lol..sooo much. I'm all over the place with blood shot red eyes. I need sleep.. Updates later when I get a chance lol..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

out of control lastnight

So we went to the club last, it wasn't hype until like 1am... no one was dancing but people were in there. then of course, i started catching contact with all of the smoke in the air.. black&milds, cigarrettes, weed etc. I'm like "ughhh i cant breathe!!", I started feeling really dizzy/lightheaded once again lol.

So I tell keshia and terry that im going to the bar to get a drink (you know i dont drink so i had my mind set on some juice lol) so as I'm walking through the club.. someone grabbed me, and hugged my excitedly, guess who I was!?!?! PORSHIA!!!! ahhh she came into town and I finally saw her!

So here we are standing at the bar taking pictures in the blue bright lights lol

(my camera sucks in dark places)

THEEEN me and my buddy keva tore the dance floor up when "SINGLE LADIES" Came on lol!! Gosh I wish that moment was Youtubed. Even when the reggae songs came on, we killed it :]. Had a crowd around us watching us dance hahaha... there's more photos, but I just haven't been to the computer to post. Too much is going on.. I need sleep, but there's no time for sleep! time to go out with my buddies all day again, and go live the night life!

Friday, March 20, 2009

what a fun day

So I was out with the ladies again! Me, keshia, and terry.. we planned on partyin it up this whole weekend!! so thats what we are doing...

First off.. we went to this sushi spot in little 5 points, I havent had sushi since like the first week of this year so I was toooo happy.

as you can see as I was walking out of the sushi place just smiling lol (i cant see in the sun without my shades, so im squinting badly lol)

NEXT STOP we were headed to the park, we had to walk a few blocks to get there. On the way, I little gray cat (looked like a rare breed with a short tail) ran up to me meowing awww. the animals love me... look at him posing lol
So I believe that Cutie-Patutie misses me, and he is sending his homies to come and check up on me, and make sure I'm okay lol. For those of you that dont know, Cutie-Patutie is my cat.. he's a year old this month, but he lives in Savannah, Georgia with my sister and my mother. I miss him soooo much esp. when I see his homies lol. So I told my sister to email me a picture of him, he's gotten so big! LOOK AT MY BABY..sleeping lol
Now on the way from the park... guess what I had?
2 scoops mint chocolate chip.. and that was the last of it on the spoon lol.
we are so burnt out after all of this... mind you I wasnt supposed to exercise today because my knee was aching lastnight. We walked up and down so many hills (so many blocks!) and was playing catch at the park with a football. So nowwww we are about to go to the club tonight, I'm gonna wear highheels!! (after ive been complaining about my knee) i know i know lol
more stuff later or tomorrow :]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crap is everywhere!!

not only did I move my things out of storage, but I also had to move out of the room that I had been sleeping in, and into this one. Grr..
I can't sleep with crap all over my bed, so I HAVE to find a place for at least the items on my bed.. by tonight. It may not seem like much, but umm I still havent brought the other like 4 huge storage baskets up from downstairs yet either lol.. why? 
ding ding ding! hahaa.. well, and they're too heavy to pull up 2 flights of stairs
I will find the energy at some point to do it.. but not today.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

natural hair is booming

And thanks to my tresses I've been featured in someones blog! i'm so happy about that! Thank you so much Leila :]
check it out

I'm gonna audition for something on Sunday.. lol I'm not telling what it is thoughhh :]

oh, and something else thats been eating me up..
 I cant get this crap off of my brain, and I hate that I'm thinking about it so much cause I refuse to get my hopes up about it lol

but I have 3 dance buddies that have just recently caught flights to go travel with the UNIVERSOUL CIRCUS!! (YOUTUBE IT!)
how cool is that?!

but see, I talked to one of them that just left last night (and he will be gone for 8 months!) to see how the heck can I jump on the bandwagon. 
I asked him where did they audition, or did he just get in good with someone that's apart of it?He told me that he knows someone that's in it.. so do you know what that means!? 
maaan oh man! I've wanted to do something that like for YEARS, may sound crazy.. but I love the circus lol
He told me that he will be on look out for me to see if they need anyone else. so um yeah I wish that would happen, but I'm not getting my hopes up. 
just figured I'd share that information lol

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fact: I hate moving things

The only thing that kept me sane was the gorgeous morning I experienced today lol.
Everyone was calling me from savannah either drunk and excited or just having an amazing time during the big st.patricks day celebration. Telling me about what was going on at every moment lol. Still trying to get my hands on some visuals, cause the videos my mother sent me SUCKED lol. I wish I had made there!

So I had to move my things out of storage this afternoon, and in with my roommate/dance partner/ buddy/ lol :] for the time being. I didn't plan to.. But she wanted me to.. I always try to avoid moving things. I HATE IT. I think its because I moved around so much when I was growing up. I went to like 11 or 12 different schools (way too many) I lived in 4 different states, and was born overseas. So you can see how it gets annoying. When I start getting a lot of furniture I'm gonna always hire someone to move my things... yes that's how bad I hate it, I don't wanna do it AT ALL... could I pay them to pack my things too?

I was getting impatient with the long rides. Like "get me out of this truck or shoot me"

But look what I saw at the petstore before we started moving my things!!!

Yessss a tarantula!!! They're so cool looking... I wanna hold one.

I'm so glad that moving bs is out of the way, now the next task is to move my things out of the guest bedroom, and into my own room. How fun :straight face:
Lol well at least i have all of my shoes and clothes now

Gorgeous Morning

Happy St.Patricks Day!! I didn't make it home to Savannah :[. But my family and friends are gonna send me photos from the big celebration, and I shall share !I started running around 8:00am, 2 hours later then when I usually go. It was wayyy too gorgeous outside to NOT go, it was foggy.. Yet the sun was starting to shine through the thick trees. So pretty! I thought to myself how thankful I am to see such a nice few. Lol might sound lame but for real! :]During my run, a little cute kitty ran up to me, I wanted to take a picture of him, but didn't. He was orange with a pink nose, and gold eyes.. Aw !

Monday, March 16, 2009

rainy days

I'm sick of the gloom! Not only that but its super cold. I thought I wasn't gonna be able to run AGAIN this morning, cause when my alarm went off at 6am.. It was raining. but then I laid in bed for an extra hour and it stopped raining. So I went outside for my run while I could, and once I came back inside it started pouring (AHH too much rain)

--before that, I woke up this morning to a text message on my phone from THE STALKER.. He texted at 2am!!! "WAKE UP lol" hm.. I think he has a death wish. I told him to stop bothering me...so thats my first warning to him, lets see if he listens.

Oh no I have access to cable tv again lol there's so many cool shows that get abnormally ADDICTIVE I'm glad I don't NEED cable.. But its nice to watch while its here lol

uh oh RED HEAD (beginning of 2007) will be back before you know it, i hope it'll be this bright again ..like when my mother dyed it for me lol.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

stalker identified as: Rich not rick

so wtf this man sent me a text message this freakin morning.. just now and i text back "who is this?" he says "Rich" what the heck!?
now this is really getting out of hand.. i hope im not going to have to change my number, ive had it for way too long.
he texted from a 910 areacode.. i havent looked it up yet to see what place that is.
hm.. i dont even know what to say about this bs anymore but it makes me angry, i have no idea as to how he even got my number.
now i have to do some research on modelmayhem.com to make sure he never sent me a message on there.

Anyway SUBJECT CHANGE -- I had to skip my morning run due to the rain taking over!! So comes tomorrow morning, I've got to really get my run in good :]

UPDATE 10:00pm
I saw a dance movie tonight called Center Stage turn it up, that's the II version of Center Stage which is one of my favorite dance movies. You know usually dance movies are so cheesy, they have the same bs story line;

kid has amazing talent
kid is broke
kid's family is broke too
kid's parent doesn't believe in dance careers
kid is from a troubled neighborhood/background

Hahaha am I right or wrong!? They always have GRAND Dancing in the movies though so I always wanna see them lol.
But this movie actually wasn't cheesy like that!! It SO should've been in theaters, it went against the norm. But while watching.. I got motivated to work out even harder  
Thanks to the maincharacter Rachele Smith (who is so gorgeous might I add)  

this girl's body is something serious and mine will be too lol watch the trailer for the movie.. they show her cut abs lol and her hot dance moves yes yes yes!


So I'm laying in bed, and was thinking about how I haven't checked my voicemail messages in like a month, nor have I changed what it says when people call, so I was gonna update it tonight...
I wasn't gonna listen to any of the messages cause I just knew it was my mother and other close friends screaming "call me back!!!" "goodmorning sunshinnnne!!!" (lol christine) etc. 
..Basically useless messages...

But then I heard an older guy... named RICK (who the heck is that? Got me!)
so far this dude has left me 2 longggg messages on my phone.. Not just long messages, but reading poems to me!

Wtf???? Ok that's creepy...

talkin about how he wants to fall in love with me and make me his wife!! he said that when he first met me he thought I was so beautiful.. and blah blah blah

So here I am really freakin thinking like "ummm he has met me before???" everyone that knows me..knows that I'm HORRIBLE with names, I won't remember your name unless its something catchy right off back.
*oh yeah and I failed to mention that someone has been calling my phone trying to talk to me..saying I met them at various locations (it always chances) and they say I gave them my number.. Which is a lie because I don't give my number to random guys that are trying to come onto me.*

BUT ALSO Someone recently wrote me a poem on flickr just the other day (as I said in a blog a few days ago) I didn't see the name rick involved...

but isn't that weird??

Its not everyday that some random person writes you freakin poems... but the one on flickr was short, and it didn't say anything weird really. he just called me "Savannah Goddess". so someone has been paying me attention obviously.

So with all of this being said, if these 2 people are linked together (as far as the poems), everyone knows what I use my flickr account for...my modeling photos... so guess who the stalker COULD be?
A freakin photographer.
Yet I work with way too many to even narrow it down
But that's my assumption about this.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

my favorite animal :] a SLOTH

ok so i really had to take the time out to talk about this, i feel very passionate about these little guys :] ::gets all excited:: hahaha

awww look at the baby one! I WANT ONE :hops: lol
but yes.. a sloth, the slowest moving mammal on earth. i dont mean they move slow when they want to... they cant move fast. these are really unqiue animals, which is probably why i did EVERY school report on them when i was in school hahaha.

this one is still young too, already smiling :] theyre very shy animals when it comes to humans. they spend most of their lives in trees, upside down, and sleeping.. they sleep about 15 to 20 hours per day (im doing this off of the top of my head..so correct me if im wrong lol). they do everything upside down.. they even give birth like that, their organs are in different areas too, since they dont sit upright much.

they eat plants and crap, theres a 2toed sloth and a 3toed sloth (obviously based on how many claws they have) the 2 different kinds do look different in appearance, the 3toed sloth has a longer neck and small eyes. there are a few more species but thats the broad version :] they hide from prey by just sitting still hiding in the trees, or of course, by their super slow movements.  jaguars, eagles, and alligators tend to be their main predators when they come out of the trees, which is only about once a week, either to go potty or which trees lol. theyll grow bluegreen algae on their fur due to hangin in the trees for so long, and then to top it off they lick it off of their fur for nutrients (ew lol)  this sloth above is actually clean  (he mustve went swimming lol) compared to what they tend to look like haha

awww look at him trying to make it across the street... id kill the person that runs one of these over lol. sloths can't walk, they have really weak limbs from just hanging around in the trees. not only that, but their claws are super long...so they just drag themselves along the ground. Sloths are very good swimmers though, ive read that they tend to just drop right out of the trees and fall into the water, rather then taking like a whole freakin day to get down out of the tree and get into the water lol. heck i'd take the short cut too if i were them lol.

i was lucky enough to see one in person when i went to the zoo in ohio :] i was telling my sister "what if they have a sloth here?" and as soon as i said that, they brought one out on his tree during the pet show lol. you shouldve seen how fast i ran to the stage!!! but all of those stupid little kids were in the way lol i was toooo mad, they wouldnt let us get close though : /
ive been trying to find a sound clip of how they sound, but no luck ugh!

one day, im gonna go to the rain forest in south america, and find one on my own!! whos coming with me!? lmao...

Friday, March 13, 2009

where are these pop artists coming from?!

so I've come to the conclusion that i really like Lady Gaga (and Katy perry out of the new artists)lol. BUT first LADY GAGA: I've been hearing her music SO MUCH on the radio here so obviously I'm late on knowing about her. i mean EVERYONE is playing her stuff on the pop stations. so i was like "let me see who the heck this lady is" cause her stuff reminds me of the techno music i used to listen to when i was in middle school. Its like Jazz dance style music, wild lights, wild make up, and yeah go figure that's how her videos are.
so hmm a 22- year old, Italian new yorker ayy?? so there's most def. some dark hair under those super white blonde wigs she wears, but its still cute lol. Shes got a hot style, a cool sounding voice, wears a lot of gaudy stuff (right up my alley) and she dances!
DUDE her sexiness reminds me of Madonna, I saw her video for the first time today. Lets just say; I didn't expect her to be like this lol...wow watch this

and now to Katy Perry :]

I like this girl!!! It's been sooo long since I've liked newer pop artists!! Katy Perry has certainly won me over, I've got to listen to some more Lady Gaga.. but I believe she has too lol.
Katy Perry has this cool singing voice.. I love it, not only that but her songs are so catchy "i kissed a girl" (which got played the heck out so fast but its catchy) and also, "you're so gay"... lol dude, i believe theres some hidden messages here :raised eyebrow: lmao.

Her style is like 50s/60s naturally excluding her 90s flare in her video "hot cold", but I just LOVE what shes doing though! did i mention how i like her light eyes, and dark hair combo? cool :]

lastly, the shooting stars???

now honestly.... when i look at this picture.. it doesn't make me wanna audition, they look so corny hahaha, and those OUTFITS : / lol@ the token black guy..he doesn't even belong lol

but anyway, i just MIGHT audition for this team called the SHOOTING STARS they're cheerleaders/dancers for the new Atlanta woman's basketball team "DREAM"
a friend of mine wants me to audition with her so she wont be alone... we shall see, its quite far... who knows. maybe not!

Anyway, i sent off my model release form to that photographer so that my photo MAY appear in some magazines around town :]


Thursday, March 12, 2009

good news :]

i really really like this photo, this might be my new main headshot for when i go to auditions.
i sent off my photos and resume to a lot of places today for auditions and stuff so im glad i got somethings accomplished today as for as that goes
i mean i even signed up to be an extra in a tyler perry movie lol heck yeah

good news: one of the photographers that shot me the other day wants to try to get this one meaningful photo into some magazines that he took of me and nick (the male model below)
so thats cool!
so we shall see what happens!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hangin with the ladies

yeah i thought i was cool ..super fresh lol.. not really this is me on a daily basis :]

is that icecream in my hand?? yup lol i was too happy to have it
strawberry cheesecake and moose tracks.. it doesnt match but its yummy. we were at an outlet in NO MAN's LAND: Dawsonville , Georgia hahaha yes we actually TRAVELED to an outlet!

back in atlanta, at the mall.
yet another serving of icecream...
dairyqueen snickers blizzard...
shame ok ok i know i have to run in the morning
and cut back on my servings lol
----lmao @ us talking about people at the mall that was so out of control
me gettin followed by some girl from store to store lol
it was out of control


me, keshia, and terry just hangin.. its what we do best :]
we just hung out all day long, outlet, went to the mall and stuff.. oh yeeeah
--- oh yeah terry and keshia almost attacked a guy at the mall for touching my afro
he was like "is it real???" i said "yes" hes like "can touch it?" i said "yeah sure"
and thats when terry and keshia became bodyguards lmao so funny.. the man said
"yall dont have to act like that!" lmao

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

APG photoshoot

ohhh i thank marc for calling me up today and needing me to model for the group (APG Atlanta Photography Guide). Thats money in my pocket, lots of new photos from every photographer there, and lots of cool photographers around me! how could you say no to such a nice ofter? :]

ok ok sooo i see photographers are already posting some of the photos on flickr, i will share a few!
OOooh!! I modeled with a guy today, and i think we accomplished what ive been wanting to do!
he was kinda shakey when we first started.. he was thinking wayyy to hard lol like: "ok im gonna put my hand here and you put your head back" lol im like wtf hahaha just go with the flow. it should feel NATURAL. he was gay, but only id know that, he was quite masculine so i was fine with it lol.. im glad he was gay too cause some unprofessional male models dont know how to act when they see the female models hahaha

i had fun tonight though.. i love seeing the photographers that i have chemistry with. i took a few photos with some of them, but i didnt get a chance to take a picture with one of the man guys i connect with, hes like 24.. one of the youngest guys out there.
with modeling you have to connect with the photographer to get good shots... its weird but it works!

2 weird things i noticed when i signed onto flickr tonight: one, some random guy wrote me a short poem, and two, some freakin psycho FOOTFETISH dude just added me as a contact on there!!WTF maaan this dudes gallery has nothing but like nasty feet in it wtf "Atlanta Feet on da Street" lmaoooo!! so nasty! maybe i need to take down every freakin photo of mine that shows my feet... who knows what he was doing whilst eyeing those : / ::BARF:: youve got to see this bs  http://www.flickr.com/photos/26586803@N08/

MORE PHOTOS LATER... tonight wouldve been perfect if i didnt miss BRB :wink: hahaha i love it