Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've been awarded :]

Thank you Hawa I greatly appreciate that!!! I love her blog, it's sweet, simple, yet her photos are so elegant and amazing.
Sooo since I've been given this award, I now have to tell some facts about myself.. I dont know how many so I'm just naming the basics!

1. I'm a professional dancer (ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop, african etc) and I do modeling on the side off and on lol

2. I was born in Germany, I have 3 sisters, I was raised as the baby of the family, but now I share that spot with my youngest sister whom lives in Germany.

3. I have lived in Tennessee, Georgia (now), Ohio, Alabama, and I went to 11 or 12 different schools. We moved a lot to say the least lol

4. I'm 22 years old, I'm 5'5", and like 120lbs the last time I checked months ago lol.. I have 3 facial piercings

5. umm I've dated women in the past, but I have my eye on a certain special guy lol

6. I love hot weather, and I love the water, if i could spend everyday of my life dancing, traveling, and going to beautiful beaches.. i'd be the happiest person lol

7. I'm in school finally! I will be studying languages :] my Spanish is decent. Yet throughout the day I'm always blurting out random words or phrases that I know in other languages haha

Now, I have to pass this on to some of my favorite blog buddies.. and favorite blogs that I visit often.
First,to  ATLBombChell her blog is so interesting, and her posts are always about things that almost anyone can relate to, or benefit from. Her photos are cute and she has nice English accent lol.
SierraLuella Her blog is very down to earth, as I read, it seems like she's talking to me personally lol. She's always chasing dreams as I am too.. beautiful!
My creative Portuguese Natty I'm so getting a Brasilian Bikini from her, she has talent! We have chitchatted through numerous emails, and now skype lol
Can I pass this to a guy? lol CorveDaCosta blogging from Jamaica :] He covers a lot of current events in his blog.. I love it!

Well I hope some of you learned some new things about me! --and Thank you again Hawa :]

Saturday, December 26, 2009

wow I haven't posted in over a week!

Thats a first lol. and it's only because I've been back and forth doing a million different things.

--ANYWAY a message to my followers, and newer followers.. thank you so much for reading!!! I always try to make my rounds to your blogs.. just bare with me, I will always leave a comment :]
The best news is that I passed my first online class with an A :] yayyy for me! AND I FINALLY HAVE PROOF THAT I'M AN AMERICAN!!!!!!! Let me tell you, it is not easy being born outside of the USA if you don't have proper idenification to prove your citizenship. But now I don't have to worry about that anymore I'm about to get my passport next WHEEEEEW!

I even hung with Allen the other day! Me and Allen were so close in high school, he was my best male friend, and certainly will always be a great close friend of mine :] It's such a good thing to keep in contact with your close friends.

AND I also saw Ryan that day too. He's a buddy of mine that I originally met through Allen.. it was so good to see him, it felt like the old high school days when we all used to hang together!

 I made myself twist my hair yesterday.. I'm gonna try to keep it this way for a

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! That was from yesterday, me and my family spent Christmas day with my late step-father's family.
lol@ me always taking photos in someones bathroom.. you actually can't tell that it's a bathroom in this photo though.. or maybe because it's small, you can?

happy birthdays again: My mother's birthday was Dec.21st, My cousin Frank's birthday was Christmas day. Congratulations to my cousin Angela giving birth to a baby boy last week, and to my cousin Toya on her engagment as of yesterday too. hahaha so much new news within my huge family I can't even keep up.

A lot of my friends are in town due to the holidays, gotta do more visiting while they're here!
anyway, I will post again soon.. I still have more to say but I'm lazy lol

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I got an early Christmas gift :]

happy birthday to my oldest sister today who is now 32 :]

After I had been commenting on so many blogs that posted about "Great Christmas Gifts" and wasn't expecting to get anything...I got a laptop!!! My father and my step-mother bought me one, you all have no idea how much I needed my own.

There are a lot of good deals on the HP website, here's the link details to mine if you want one :]

AND!!! There's a new puppy in my house :] I got him for my mother, but it'll still be all of our doggy in a way haha. When my cat Cutie-Patutie saw this little Chihauhau.. he didn't look too happy : /
the dog barked at my cat and scared him away. I want them to get along like RIGHT NOW, but I'm glad that my cat hasn't growled or hissed at him... well not yet lol

He is very small..he's a little ball of energy, and not even 4months.. my mother hasn't named him yet.

moving right along.. where the heck can I find panties like these, I wonder!? I thought they would be on the Victoria's Secret website.. but I didn't have any luck finding them.

Lindsay Lohan looks lovely in her freckled skin :]

last but not least, my buddy Brandis got a picture with Robin Thicke on her birthday which was dec.14th, she went to 106th&park

lol @ his sweat mark, looks like he gets those moments too hahaha

here's his lovely hit, my goodness I love this song!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Me Love You Long Time


I've noticed everyone is posting about their wishes and wants for this holiday season. My family and I  don't really do Christmas gifts anymore, but who says that I can only get these items as Christmas gifts!? lol.
So.. to start: I LOVE ANYTHING THAT IS BETSEY JOHNSON, her stuff is girly, flashy.. just perfect.

Betsey Johnson

Rhinestone Bow Ring

Ring Purple Pave BowAntique Gold

How weird that I found this ring right after I decided what I would love to get tattooed

If I got it right there, the bow would be a lot smaller. It would just be a basic bow without the skull and without the little bow on top. I want too many tattoos lol

This Jessica Simpson swimsuit is at my job, and the photo does it no justice! Theres also a heart right above the butt area in the back. it's so cute.. I dont think people know how cute her line is , at least I know I didn't lol .. here's one of her bags that is at my job too... I want it.

It's even more so lovely because it opens like a clutch! amazinngggg. It's also interesting that this purse is $94.00 or something like that on her website, but at my job it's like 50. I need to buy myself a gift lol

I want a WII. if not that, ANY GAME SYSTEM.. I love video games, I would literally sit in front of the TV for hours playing lol.

ok.. I'm tired of thinking about the things that I like. I guess I will post things until Christmas lol just for something to do. I'm ready for Christmas to be over with, I'm usually THE GRINCH hahaha but I love NEW YEARS!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm still here lol

forever I love Savannah

I absolutely love this park, forsyth park.. google it, its amazing

dude I've been BUSY and the internet connection was no where to be found for almost a WEEK!! no internet=death LOL

umm.. lets seeeeee... im so sick of my job to the point that im completely OVER it. I'm just going through the motions.. because the new year is going to bring me a lot of lovely gifts :]
so i will tolerate this, it's well worth the wait

i'm so curious to know who is this 45th person following my blog privately lol.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Here's almost 9min of it, better enjoy it before it's gone lol. I added the CBS link to all of the other videos, photos etc.. but they've got those annoying commercials in the beginning that you can't fastward through lol!

Look at that yellow outfit at 4:49!!! oh my goodness I would've loved to strut down that runway in that.
Theres no need in me saying again "I wish I could've been in it" lol

I look tall enough for the runway on this photo.

too bad I'm just 5'5" but hey I work what I have lol.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Vanisha (me) & Elisha (my mommy)

She was in the bathroom doing her hair before leaving back out on the road again, so I figured I'd get a few photos :] here's 2

Thanksgiving was GREAT for me :] I helped her cook and stuff.. twas lovely!

--now onto this "busiest shopping day ever" crap lol

Every customer that I saw with one of these papers today, made me wanna snatch it from them, rip it to shreds, and stomp the shredded pieces of paper while growling. lol I'm so serious. Like I don't get the purpose of Black Friday, especially when everything is ALWAYS cheap at my job lol. SURPRISE: there aren't any new sales at that store.. it's the same bs!
There is way too much going on during Black Friday, I'd much rather stay at home and not step a foot outside of my door. Yet unfortunately, I had to be at work by 4:30 this morning. 4:30am-1:30pm to be exact. This day threw me off! I don't have any energy. I came home, ate yummy left overs from Thanksgiving, took a nap, and still... no energy.
--I'm so glad that I worked the opening shift though, because my co-workers won't be leaving there until like 1am!!..heck no.

So let me tell you, this lady comes in.. while talking to her friend on the phone, she's telling me "Yeah my friend found these like plaid vests here, and they were only 10 dollars, can you show me where they are?" ok so I'm searching and searching, showing this lady every kind of vest that we have in the women's section, and every version that I showed her I got "That's not it." ok no problem.. I keep searching, and she says "My friend said that she got it out of y'alls newspaper advertisement" so I go get one of those dumb catalogs, and I say to her "I don't see anything about a vest here ma'am" she then, pauses... and says ::while still on the phone:: "That's why we can't find them.. I just noticed what store I'm in!!! It was supposed to be TARGET!" I then, nicely rolled the catalog up, and slapped her in the face with it. --I WISH lol
That just goes to show that people need to go home and go to sleep, rather than shopping on Black Friday lol.

OH let me tell you what else I saw while at work....

I typed in "buttcrack" on google and got this photo
Well of course everyone sees this all of the time (lol) but this girl that I saw at my job, had a lower back tattoo that ended literally in the crack of her butt, of course it was the very start of it lol. ---Was I looking too hard? lmao. but I'm mad she was walking around with her butt out like that.. I mean I know all girls have this plummer problem now that most jeans are "low rise"
(it's so bad to the point that my exroommate Nate has a nickname for me "Crack" since he's seen it so many times) but I certainly try to fix it before it happens, or cover it while it's happening lol I even have tricks to covering it if I'm around people that aren't so close to me.. and even more so, random males. I use my bag to cover my bum! hey.. thats a plus to carrying big purses that are just about as big as I am lol!
I just thought I'd share that with you all though, I thought that tattoo was cool :] but I still wouldnt walk around like this throughout a store if I had it!
PS: as much as people dont wanna see a bumcrack.. I'd have to say that it's a lot better to see an attractive lady's crack.. rather than some fat guy's on the corner ..which i did see before and laughed so hard, yet wanted to throw up lol

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

be happy!!!!

whenever I go to different websites through MSN, AIM, YAHOO etc.. the front page advertisements always catch my attention! They always have good information there lol. like this one: 31 Sneaky Mood Boosters>1=31009 of course exercising and eating right plays a huge part in your mood.

I've got a few more essays to write before this week is over, and a quiz too..but actually the due date has been pushed back to Saturday since Thanksgiving is this week. I'm gonna plan to have those turned in before Thanksgiving though. I don't want to have to worry about it. Especially since I have to be at my job the day after that at 4:30am!!! BLACK FRIDAY.. yeah.. that'll be fun lol.

Anyway, I'm about to eat and get ready for work this morning. I just watched Janet Jackson's new video "Make Me" and I love it :] I've always been a Janet fan, I must see her perform in person one day.
This video reminds me of her older music, it's upbeat, sexy, and fun! Of course the dancers are great too. She still looks amazing.

oh yeah ...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BEYONCE VIDEO leaky leaky peaky weaky





Monday, November 16, 2009

my favorite boy friend Blake

says she's the white version of me lol.
She's pretty! I think her "smiley" piercing is cute..

I want another piercing.. (whats new?)

Anyway, I was off of work today and I just chilled out for once. Didn't do any homework, yet for some reason I wanna do it now. --but I won't, I need to be heading to bed right after this.

My throat started feeling irritated once I woke up, so I've been drinking tea and soup. Yet, it's still bothering me a bit. I hope I'm not getting TONSILITIS again dun Dun DUUUUUUUN ::scary music:: lmao. That word is so ugly and horrible, why do they have to add the "itis" to the end? It dramatizes it lol. I upped the vitamin C dosage today.
uhh what else...
I gave my cat Cutie-Patutie a bath today. He's so funny.. he now knows when it's bath time! His body tenses up, and he won't even want to go NEAR the bathroom lol. He tries to jump out of the tub, but that's it.. so I have to hold him, but I think he does very well for a CAT in water lol. I was gonna post a picture of my wet kitty (lol) but I don't feel like it.
PS: Egg drop soup is the STUFF :] only for one dollar and thirty cents.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

lady gaga and chris brown

fast update: I'M OFFICIALLY A STUDENT :] so I've been busy working, and doing homework thus far lol.

now onto the videos..
LadyGaga actually looks her best with the more "natural" look in this video. SHE WORKED.

now originally I had seen this Chris Brown video on my blog buddy's post (ATLBOMBCHELL) but I love love lovvvve this video so much! I can't stress enough, how much I enjoy watching Chris Brown dance. He is great! That part arm thing that he does at 0:53-0:56, I remember when I was performing in this show, and one of my dance friends taught that move to my group. oh my goodness it was painful for me, and just completely uncomfortable to the point that I had to crack my shoulder (my joints always crack and pop) just to make it feel somewhat OKAY lol.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Me and my friend Brandis, decided to go eat breakfast downtown yesterday morning. We ate at this AMAZING place! Neither of us had ever been there before, but after how great that breakfast was, it surely won't be the last time.
I had "BLUEBERRY CRUNCH CAKES", which are basically fresh blueberry pancakes with granola in them too!! ahhhhh soooo good!!
After we ate, we walked through Forsyth park, which is the most popular historic park here in Savannah, Georgia. Then, we saw the SWINGS lol!!

ohhh my goodness, I haven't been on a swing in so many years! It felt amazing, and was way too much fun! I felt like I was walking on air afterwards, my stomach was still doing backflips, and I was all smiles (as usual lol) :] ..therefore, I know thats something that everyone needs to do once in a while.. if not everyday!! haha I wish!! --anyway heres more photos.. I love Savannah

So, I'm in college now :] and I've started my online class work 4 days before the class actually starts lol (nov.10th). I'm so excited about this!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


THIS VIDEO IS SO.... wheeeeeew!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was a Kitty :] My mother did my face for me.. hahaha I thought it was cute!

Sooo me, my bestfriend Reisha, her boyfriend Drew, and one of our co-workers Ivy all went downtown to a few bars to enjoy the night. My my myyy the costumes were sooo funny

They wasted NO TIME grabbing drinks from the bar.. by the way I don't drink, and I never have.

Reisha in her Scottish costume lol... I shouldve takin a picture of how short her skirt was... lol wtf

Her and Drew.. they are always all super lovey dovey in public lol it gets out of hand!

Drew was a blur in this one, he was trying to jump in hahaha. --theres Ivy.. and more public affection from reisha and drew lol

Then we headed to the dance floooooor! I saw so many of my highschool buddies in there!! and guess what they played? THRILLER.. dude, everyone in the club starting doing at least 1 Michael Jackson <3>

Ivy got so drunk.. oh my goodness she wanted to take pictures with every guy that she thought was sexy or cool looking in their costumes.. and of course she would drag me along, because I dont talk to random half naked guys in public lol. But I never turn down a photo :]

After we left downtown.. EVERYTHING started to get out of control. We all got one-boobee-flashed by Ivy.. which is SOOO funny. ---and then Ivy needed to use the bathroom but there wasnt one around, shes like "I cant go outside!! someone will see me!!"... so Drew says "Well I sure will do it!" ::starts peeing in the alley:: then Ivy starts doing it.... and pees on her feet LMAO next in line... reisha hahaha.

I guess thats what happens when people get drunk huhhh?! Man I was laughing at all 3 of them peeing everywhere, I'm surprised no one saw it happen!

NEXT they wanted to get something to eat. We went to IHOP and oh my goodness they took FOREVER, they ended up falling asleep at the table lol!

(his head is in her lap lol)

the back of ivy's head lmao

and the kitty at the table snappin photos at 4am :]

by the time the food came.. Ivy had already thrown up in the bathroom so we just got the food to go which was a complete waste of a stop lol.

Twas a Fun Night full of Laughs :]

Friday, October 30, 2009

I have amazing news at the bottom

I need to get one of those YouTube ready digicams. If I had one, I'd upload videos of myself dancing everytime I get inspired... like with this song :]

I'm gonna get one before this year is up. That song needs to be danced to!

amazing news...
i cant even do one of those lol!
So I'm gonna be going online, because I dont know which city/state I want to be in right now to physically go to a school. After about a year, I will certainly have to figure out where I want to be. Being that I will be studying languages in school, that wouldnt be exactly EASY online haha.

oh and I will post pictures when I put that neon pink in my hair again. I washed my hair and it rinsed out so easy! I thought it stays in for a few washes.. guess not lol

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This boy can move!

dude... I've watched this video of Tucker Barkley (one of my favorite dancers lol) soo many times. The way this boy moved his body at 0:13-0:17.. WTF? oh my goodness he is amazing.

I sprayed the front of my afro neon pink lol.. I'm trying to not dye my hair. so these colorful sprays will help me make it through haha

Saturday, October 24, 2009


So I was in Atlanta yesterday and the day before. One of my friends wanted me to come to Atlanta to teach the choreography at this audition that he was having. He's a new artist (Najasism) trying to get hisself out there, and he needs new backup dancers. so he held a dance audition for it.

I'm so freakin sore dude.
I danced my little butt off, and I had to teach 2 different groups of dancers. There were some realllllly good ones, and of course some HORRIBLE ones lol. One of my photographer buddies even came out and took photos while we danced (Vincent)
It was a lot of fun, and I love networking with people that have simular interests as I do. We all exchanged contacts: numbers to Twitter to Facebook and even Youtube lol.
There should be some footage of the audition whenever he edits it :]
--I got back to Savannah at 6:00am. talk about TIRED.. and then I had to work at 4pm today
I need to go get a massage on my day off... SERIOUSLY

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

walking on air

One of my favorite photographer buddies in Atlanta (BRIAN) sent this photo of me yesterday :]

anyway... watch this clip of So You Think You Can Dance! Mia Michaels was teaching some amazing choreography to some song called WALKING ON AIR, and I hate that I can seem to find the FULL dance on youtube. I wish I was there to experience this.

And uhhh why do I already want another tattoo? this is so horrible! I thought that after I got my second one, I'd be content at least until next year. Well I haven't even had this for 2 months.. what a shame! I guess tattoos are like piercings.. addictive! I always want something pierced lol

--nina sky's tattoos are LOVELY. They look grand with their style. I think it's so cute how they got tattoos for EACH OTHER.. twins always have such a cute close relationship.
I want a sweet bond like that with someone!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

speaking with the body

here's 2 dance videos that I enjoyed during an older season of So You Think You Can Dance. They were a good pair together :]
The first video is a Krumping routine! Kherington certainly wasn't confident doing this dance. she was sooo nervous about it because she had never done it before. yet Twitch know's all about gettin "BUCK" lol.
DUUUDE i have to admit: SHE WAS KILLING IT IN THE BEGINNING!!! she surprised me lol.. the energy was amazing.
although the judges were hard on Kherington since her confidence went down like in the middle of the performance and she messed up on 2:03 but thats alright, she didn't freeze and she picked it right back up :] watch this..

and here's another one with them in it.. it's so touching!!! and the choreographer was Mia Michaels, she is so freakin GRAND. I MUST take a class from her one day.. it's a goal of mine :]
ahh just watch!

OH and here's a good read from my blog buddy AtlBOMBChell.. it's about racism. If you havent checked her blog out yet, you're like way over due lol.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

look at my hair

straight from the 50's lol!
it so doesnt look like the heat created curls that i had before lol

I'm going to see this movie tomorrow and I'm so excited! I rarely go to the movies anymore.. how unfortunate, because I love movies and I hate missing out on all of the good stuff. I might be going alone if my sister doesnt come with me.. but I think she's coming now lol